McCloud Nature Park

McCloud Nature Park is a 232 acre park located in North Salem (Hendricks County), Indiana.  Admission is free, and there are 6.5 miles of hiking trails that wind through wooded areas and grassy fields.  The trail terrain is fairly flat and easy to walk.  The park has a nature center and has a full schedule of outdoor events like archery and stargazing.  You can check out their website to learn more.

We visited this park on 03Nov2019 and hiked the Red-Tailed Ridge and Prairie Ridge trails.  This trail took us through wooded areas…

A tree in a forest

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And the grassy areas…

A person standing in a field

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And while we did not see any wildlife on this trip, we did see this!

A nest in a tree

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(Don’t worry, there were no wasps)

Part of our hike took us over the historic truss bridge that spans Big Walnut Creek.  This bridge has an interesting story.  It was built in 1913 and used for road traffic in Pulaski County, Indiana.  In 2009 the bridge was dismantled and relocated to the park where it was restored.  There is some good background information here and here.  It is a great focal point and gives you a fantastic view of the creek below.

A house with trees in the background

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Finally, we took a little detour.  Every fall the park designs a prairie maze based on a different theme.

A sign on a wooden bench

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Guess what this year’s theme was?

A close up of a map

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Overall, it was a beautiful fall day and a great hike.

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