Totman Gulf Rim

While on our annual summer trip to Northern NY, we completed a hike along the Totman Gulf Rim. This trail is part of the Jefferson County NY Forest and Wildlife Management Area and is named after Calvin Totman.

The trail starts out as a rim trail above the Totman Gulf Gorge and leads down into the gorge where the Fox Creek runs through it.

The gorge itself is lined with numerous shale rock formations and the creek varies in depth.  In some areas it is deep enough to swim, while most of the way, you could comfortably wade through the water.  In most sections you could walk along the creek too, but it does get rugged in some parts.

You can see down into the gorge from the rim trail but be careful – the drop into the gorge is pretty steep, so it is best to stay away from the edge of the trail.  The trail head is a bit tricky to find and parking is along the side of a gravel road.

Shale rock cliff!
Remnants of a bridge that used to span the gorge.
Nice view of the Fox Creek
A frog chillin’!
Small waterfall emptying into a pool in the Fox Creek. This pool was deep enough for swimming.
  • Parking: 15-20 spaces alongside of a gravel road
  • Trails: Somewhat rugged, with steep drop offs into the gorge. Trails along the creek vary from easy to rugged.
  • Solitude factor: Medium. This is a well-known spot for the locals, especially in the summertime.

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