Trail Etiquette

The first thing to remember when thinking about trail etiquette is to relax!  You are going on a hike to relax and have fun.  Don’t worry, Monday is right around the corner, so you won’t have to wait too long to get stressed out again.

With that in mind, be mindful of those around you and be friendly.  Being loud and inconsiderate of others on the trail will take away from their experience.

Be alert on mixed use trails that can be used by hikers, bikers and horse back riders.  The latter have the right of way, followed by hikers and lastly those on bikes.  Also, downhill hikers should yield to uphill hikers, and when passing, pass on the right just like when driving.

Leave no trace is a mantra when hiking.  This means carrying out your trash and remaining on the trail to avoid damaging plants and eroding the area surrounding the trail.

Now let’s talk about hiking with dogs.  Always keep your dog under control and on a leash.  This is as much for your pet’s safety as those sharing the trail with you and don’t assume that your dog will respond to voice control if he spots wildlife or encounters other dogs on the trail.  And of course, pick up after your pet.  Nothing will ruin your hike quicker than stepping in a pile of dog poo!

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