Burnett Woods

Burnett Woods Nature Preserve is an 80-acre wooded park located in Avon (Hendricks County), Indiana.  Admission is free, and there is a 1.7-mile hiking trail that winds through primarily wooded areas although there are sections that take you beside grassy fields.  The trail terrain is flat and easy to walk, but the trails can get a bit muddy after it rains.

The property is owned by the Central Indiana Land Trust.  This land trust has quite a few properties in the area and we will be sure to check some of them out this year.  Their website has a lot of good information including volunteer opportunities and getting involved with the land trust.

You can access the trail by parking at the Light and Life Free Methodist Church at 8264 E County Rd 100 S in Avon, IN.  The trailhead is close to the road and you can get to it by walking across the field on the east side of the church.  The preserve sign marks the trailhead and is readily visible.

We visited this park on 08Dec2019 and hiked the both trails (blue and red).  For a cold, grey winter day we did see several birds – Eastern Bluebird, Tufted Titmouse, White Breasted Nuthatch, Carolina Chickadee and a Downy Woodpecker.

A close up of a rock

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There is a fungus among us!

Don’t eat these!

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Our route!  You can see from the map that the property borders the rail yard and you can hear the trains and some road noise.

This trail is a little gem so close to home and perfect if you are looking for a quick hike.

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