Goose Pond 2

Last month we went up to Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area to do a little birding, but specifically to see if we could see Short Eared Owls, which can be found in Indiana during the winter months. We’ve posted about Goose Pond before and have visited many times as it is a great place for birding.

We spotted a ton of Sandhill Cranes. Their migration was a bit slower this year, but they are still out in full force.

A whole bunch of Sandhill Cranes in the distance.

We did not see any Short Eared Owls in the wildlife area, so we drove around to the north of Goose Pond near the mines, and we hit the jackpot! There were dozens of owls flying around and landing in the grassy areas. We had to stay in our car, so we could not get close, but we did manage to get this one on film!


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