Sodalis Nature Park

Hello everyone.  This past Sunday, we ventured out after receiving about 4 inches of rain in the area (this could have been 3 feet of snow!).  It was an overcast and chilly day, but still mild for this time of year.  This hike was at Sodalis Nature Park in Plainfield, IN.  This park is 210 acres of woodlands with a 5.5-acre pond with 3.5 miles of trails that are generally flat terrain with some sections comprised of crushed gravel.  The park is named after the endangered Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) and sits on this land established to protect them.  In fact, the land was purchased by the Indiana Airport Authority who protected the land after the endangered bats were discovered.

We hiked a 2.45-mile loop around the park taking legs of each trail. Conditions were very muddy after all the rain, but the scenery was nice.

The airport is not too far away, and we heard several planes coming in for landings and taking off that morning.

Overall a great little park close to home with a lot to do.  We will be back during the warmer weather.

Bat Haven Trail Marker
I is hard to find color in Indiana this time of year......
It is not always easy to find color in Indiana this time of year….
....but it is there if you look!
….but it’s there if you look!
Why do the weekends go by so fast?!?!?
Why do the weekends go by so fast?

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