Columbus, Indiana – walking tour

This isn’t a trail per se, but it is an interesting walking tour.

Columbus Indiana is about 40 miles south of Indy and is home to Cummins Inc. Why mention this particular company? Well, Columbus has many interesting buildings owing to the vision of one J. Irwin Miller, who was the head of Cummins in the late 50s.

Miller held the belief that a company must have a good relationship with its community, so he formed the Cummins Foundation which would pay for the fees of very famous architects if the city of Columbus agreed to use them for various construction projects. This is how this small city in Indiana got a library designed by I. M. Pei!  There are other buildings designed by other famous architects like Eero Saarinen and Harry Weese.

We took a walk around Columbus just to take in some of these interesting buildings and landmarks:

Spire of the North Christian Church, designed in 1964 by Eero Saarinen The central spire is 195 feet high.
Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans. The limestone pillars are each 40 feet tall and arranged in a 5 by 5 grid pattern.  Some of the columns include letters home by servicemen who perished in war. The memorial covers time periods from World War I until the Vietnam War. It was built in 1997.
The iconic clock tower of the First Christian Church design by Eliel Saarinen (father or Eero Saarinen) in 1942. It is known as the first contemporary building in Columbus and among the first churches in the US to be built using contemporary architectural styles. The tower itself is 166 feet tall.

If you are a budding photographer or just like taking in interesting sites, Columbus is worth the ride from Indy. It is easy to get around and very walkable. I would recommend stopping in at the visitor center and purchasing a city map that lists the popular landmarks. And after you’ve worked up a nice thirst sightseeing, you can stop into the Upland Columbus Pumphouse (as we did)!

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