Eagle Creek Birding

An early morning outing to Eagle Creek to see some birds!  It had been unseasonably cold here in Indy, but there was not a cloud in the sky this past weekend, so off we went!

The Eagle Creek trails that go around the reservoir are typically well traveled and can get really crowded on nice days.  Typically, the yellow and green trails are what I like to call the quieter part of the park.  We parked by the skating pond and hiked south on the gravel road until we hit Parkway Drive East.  We then left the road and traveled the yellow trail north until hitting Parkway Drive East again.  We stayed on the road continuing north and hiked around the circle.  We stayed off the trails this time because we’ve also had a lot of rain recently, so the trails are muddy.  In some parts it is the type of mud that will swallow your shoe.

This is what we call the quieter side of the park.

While on the yellow trail we did see some tree swallows.  They are cavity nesters, and the park puts up nesting boxes for them.  You can read all about them here.  I think we saw a few males guarding their nests.

This guy’s chillin’ (500 mm)
I think this may be the bird equivalent of “get off my lawn!” (500 mm)

Overall a nice diversion on a brisk morning in May!

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