Blanton Woods

This past March, we took advantage of a mild day and did a quick hike in Blanton Woods.  This park was donated to Danville in the early 90s with the stipulation that it would be preserved as a nature park.  It is 53 acres with 5+ miles of trails. 

We hiked the yellow trail, which is nearly 2 miles long.  Part of the yellow trail passes by the Blanton House and it almost looks like you are wandering into someone’s backyard.  Don’t worry though, you are still within the park and the Blanton House is function hall that can be rented out.

Overall, it was a nice hike, and we will be back to try some of the other trails.  It is really nice to have something like this so close in Danville.

Signs of spring!
A little green along the yellow trail
  • Parking: Small lot at entrance – tight spaces and looks like it could fill up quickly.
  • Trail: Easy – moderate.  Some hilly sections, nice walking
  • Solitude rating: Moderate.

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