B&O Bike Trail

The B&O bike trail is very nice, and we highly recommend it if you’ve haven’t been on it.  We took a spin on it a few days ago.  You can find parking at the trailhead in Brownsburg just off route 267.  If you are coming from south of Brownsburg the parking lot will be on your right, just across the street from McKammon’s (f.k.a. Frazee’s) garden center.  There is another, less conspicuous trail head located in the Wynbrooke neighborhood off Raceway Rd.  You can park on Northern Dancer Dr next to a grassy area where you will see the sign for the B&O bike trail.

The B&O bike trail is what is left of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad that ran through Indiana in the late 1800s.  In 1994, the B&O Trail Association and Hendricks County Trail Development began developing the old railroad into a rail-trail.  It is still a work in progress, which is planned to begin in Indy and go west until Montezuma.  The stretch between Raceway Rd. and County Road 500 E is completely paved, and it is popular – you will find numerous bikers, joggers, and dog walkers on it.

The trail crosses under Ronald Reagan Parkway through a tunnel painted with murals from local artists.

Right now, there is a detour due to some trail construction that brings you through an adjoining neighborhood, but there are well-placed signs so you will not get lost.

After the paved section running between Country Road 500 E and Raceway Road end, you can continue the trail, but it turns into crushed gravel and is a somewhat rough ride.  There is plenty of greenery surrounding the trail and the shade kept you cool on this hot weekend.

Our route. You can see where we had to detour.
Tunnel under Ronald Reagan Parkway.

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